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OENETHERA speciosa 'Siskyou'

OENETHERA speciosa 'Siskyou'

Perennial Evening Primrose with baby-pink fragrant flowers from midsummer, above low, spreading foliage. Sun.

30cm £5.00

OPHIOPOGON planiscapus 'Nigrescens'

Black grassy evergreen leaves. Purple flowers followed by black berries. Sunny, well-drained spot.

AGM 15cm £5.00

OPHIOPOGON planiscapus 'Nigrescens'
ORIGANUM laevigatum 'Herrenhausen'

ORIGANUM laevigatum 'Herrenhausen'

Our best insect magnet plant in our garden! A short woody perennial with aromatic foliage and small pink flowers spring to autumn. Sun.

AGM 50cm £5.00

ORLAYA grandiflora

'White Laceflower'. Hardy annual, has lovely, pure white lacecap flowers through summer above fine, ferny foliage, often until the first frosts! Collect seed after flowering and re-sow immediately. Sun. 3 for £10!

60cm £4.00

ORLAYA grandiflora


Lovely blushed white daisies deepen to pink with age. Flowers all summer. Sun.

AGM 30cm £5.00

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